Biosolids Reduction

We know wastewater treatment and we know exactly how to make it clean and beautiful. Without a doubt, disposing of biosolids can be a most costly obligation of operating your wastewater treatment plant. Constructed Wetlands Group, Inc. (CWG) has engineered a biosolid treatment technique to dewater your sludge and reduce your biosolids. Best of all, it is completely green, resulting in environmentally enhancing, sustainable biosolids management for your facility.

Our method, successfully in practice for over 30 years and operating in over 27 states, is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an innovative, alternate treatment method utilizing specific reed growth to break down biosolids. You benefit from a cost-saving, guaranteed effective, low maintenance approach to dewatering sludge and reducing your facility’s biosolids.

If you are ready to make disposal almost obsolete, we are ready to consult with you.