Our biosolids treatment technique makes disposal almost obsolete.  A Reed Bed System reduces volume of
sludge up to 90% and

  1. Dewaters sludge through the root structure providing a hydraulic conduit and drainage of supernatant and water from biosolids
  2. Phragmites take up and release water through evapo-transpiration
  3. Mature monoculture of reeds effectively assimilates up to equivalent of 40-45 inches of accrued precipitation
  4. Extensive root structure provides environment for diverse and active microflora
  5. Mature plants transfer oxygen to root system ¬– even against the pressure of six feet of water
  6. Reduction of volatile solids as low as 20-25%
  7. Eliminates the need for removal of the sludge residue for six to twelve years
  8. Reduces the volume of sludge by up to 90%