Sludge Loading

Constructed Wetlands Group, Inc. fills a key niche in the wastewater treatment sector by improving biosolids handling techniques.

Following are eight facts regarding our reed beds.

  1. Reduce volume of sludge up to 90%
  2. Dewater sludge through the root structure providing a hydraulic conduit and drainage of supernatant and water from biosolids
  3. Phragmites take up and release water through evapo-transpiration
  4. Mature monoculture of reeds effectively assimilates up to equivalent of 40-45 inches of accrued precipitation
  5. Extensive root structure provides environment for diverse and active microflora
  6. Mature plants transfer oxygen to root system, even against the pressure of six feet of water
  7. Reduction of volatile solids as low as 20-25%
  8. Eliminates the need for removal of the sludge residue for six to twelve years