What We Do

We’re there by phone, email or personally through every step of the process, including on-site follow-up for several seasons after initial sludge load.

Constructed Wetlands Group’s well-established team has earned an extensive record of leadership in our patented technology for sustainable biosolids planning. CWG’s customized systems can reduce your facility’s overall sludge volume by over 90 percent, resulting in considerable cost savings. Transferring sludge off-site may be required once in ten years on average. You can rely on our team’s extensive knowledge to achieve overall improved operation of your facility while assuring optimum performance of your constructed wetland reed bed system.

  • Technical support during engineering and feasibility studies
  • Design criteria and assistance during design phase
  • Support for municipalities and decision making parties
  • Site inspection during construction
  • Site specific written operation and maintenance guidelines
  • Botanical material, planting supervision and guarantee
  • Working with DEP and other regulatory agencies to aide municipalities
  • Providing a broad range of 80 years of staff experience to all issues of wastewater treatment
  • Regular on-site support during the first two years of start-up
  • Further range of services with additional maintenance after initial two year period

Constructed Wetlands Group, Inc. costs for reed beds will vary from $1.00 per square foot to $3.00 per square foot. Construction costs of reed beds will vary from $10.00 per square foot to $30.00 per square foot.